26 Jul

Back to School Safety

Times have changed and so have the security measures necessary for our schools.  Safety & Security window film offers greater security to your existing security initiatives.

A recent Window Film Depot install at this NJ school chose films from the 3M Safety and Security Window Film Ultra Series.  It is a micro-layered, tear-resistant film for enhanced protection of people and property. This film prevents glass fragments from falling from your windows, helping to protect you and potentially reducing injuries.  Additionally, the Ultra film deters breaking and entering, helping to delay or stop unwanted individuals from entering your building.

Main EntranceClassroom

 Window Film Depot offers a wide variety of Safety & Security film as well as Energy saving films to accommodate your school’s specific budget and goals.  A recent article states the California Energy Commission (CEC) has approved window film funding for energy efficiency upgrades to educational facilities, further acknowledging the benefits of window film for your school.

The right choice for this PA school was a combination of the Safety & Security NV Ultra series along with the Solar NV (Night Vision), offering great heat rejection, providing energy savings and improved comfort.


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18 Jul

Save Energy with Sun Control Films

Sun Control Films provide substantial heat rejection, creating energy savings for office buildings, retail stores, commercial and residential properties.  Additional benefits include increased privacy, improved exterior appearance and reduction of harmful UV rays, the largest cause of fading to interior furnishings.

The best film choice depends on your goal and building structure.  For this project at the Newark airport in NJ, Window Film Depot installed the 3M P-18, a classic silver reflective film with excellent solar protection.

Newark Airport-Delta


P-18 offers great heat rejection, providing energy savings and improved comfort.





The 3M Prestige Series will let in the light but not the heat, creating superior comfort and clarity.  The clear heat control films are designed for minimal aesthetic change to windows while providing maximum solar control performance.

This current Window Film Depot project with 3M Prestige film blocks 50% of the solar energy without altering the look of the building.


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07 Jul

C-BOND, The “Smart Solution”


Think of C-Bond as the extra padding of armor on your window film application.  Not only does it increase glass strength up to 100%, this smart solution is also designed to significantly increase glass flexibility, increase film adhesion, and reduce film cure time.

This link to C-BOND details the technology, test data, and projects where C-Bond has been used including airports, corporate offices, government and educational buildings.

C-Bond is a non-toxic, water-based “green” nanotechnology solution that is an alternative to the soap and water window film application.  It is designed to enhance any Window Film application by increasing the film to glass adhesion up to 50%.  This increased adhesion will significantly decrease the risk of large glass injuries that can occur in the event of impact.

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22 Jun

DefenseLite, Revolutionary Security Solution

What is DefenseLite that is the hot topic among the glazing security community?  If you haven’t heard, and even if you have, please read on and learn more and why you can’t afford not to know what DefenseLite is and what Window Film Depot can do for you.

DefenseLite is composed of clear polycarbonate panels that custom fit and bond to existing glazing systems to protect glass and unwanted entry.  This product is designed to prevent “smash & grab” entry by making it 250 times stronger than glass alone.  I feel safer already!  This is not too good to be true and see for yourself with this demonstration video. As you see, repeated forced entry attempts fail, preventing unwanted entry and keeping the bad guys out!


Sandy Hook school entrance is protected even though it is not obvious with completed DefenseLite installation.


Added benefits of DefenseLite include insulation and 99.9% UV protection, resulting in significant energy savings.  This insulation also reduces street noise, improving the interior atmosphere to your schools, offices, retail, and residential locations.

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