11 Oct

Frosted Window Film: Creative branding and privacy, low cost solution


Frosted and decorative window films are a cost effective way to create branding, privacy, and ambiance without breaking the budget.  With 3M Fasara Frosted window film, the design options are endless, providing solutions to create a functional, effective commercial graphic or pattern.

At Window Film Depot, we have worked with numerous companies to achieve this, each project designed specific to our client’s needs and vision.

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28 Sep

Create Privacy, Brand, Inspire!


Let’s face it, we are a visual society and as consumers, we want to be captured visually from the store door and throughout our shopping experience.  Printed window, door and wall graphics can be designed for your specific branding and privacy needs.

Wiatt-1ndow Film Depot installed these colorful, eye-catching graphics at this AT & T location, creating a fun invitation to visit this CA store.


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21 Sep

Maintain Exterior Excellence, Gain Interior Performance

Are you looking to save money on your energy bills, enhance comfort in your office space while maintaining the exterior integrity of your commercial building?  Window Film Depot has the solution for you.

The 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series is designed to accomplish all of this and more.  Window Film Depot is currently installing 120,000 square feet of Prestige 50 at the Prudential Tower in Newark, New Jersey. The PR50 is equipping this high rise commercial building to let in the light, but not the heat.


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