3M window film applications have a multitude of practical uses for homes, retail stores and commercial office spaces. Security window film is increasingly becoming more and more popular, helping to prevent break-ins, smash & grabs and enhancing school & campus safety. 3M fasara decorative window film provides privacy home owners and conference rooms alike desire … Read more

Today and always, our thoughts are with all those hurt, injured, and impacted by the Boston Marathon bombing. More than 130 people were injured and 3 were killed in the attacks, many injuries suffered from the shattered glass of the storefront windows, one victim described “a big bomb, a loud boom, and then glass everywhere.” … Read more

A few months back members of our team met with local law enforcement and school officials to put 3M products to the test at a police gun range firing rifle rounds, swinging baseball bats and setting off ied bombs. Watch the video and see the results for yourself. View letter of recommendation from the Chief of … Read more

Recently we analyzed customers needs while shopping for window film and usage application questions ranged from energy & sun control, retail, home and school security to office privacy and of course…how much does it cost? Do you have similar questions about window film? Click here to ask. We need a clear film that customers can see … Read more

Check out our twitter stream and you’ll soon understand why we’re 3M installation pro’s. Tweets by @windowfilmdepot WFD can handle any size project…from pre-schools to municipality buildings…national store chain rollouts, musuems, corporate office buidlings, conference rooms, etc. If you’ve got windows and need protection from the sun or protection from intruders, trust Window Film Depot … Read more

Whether your project is local, regional or national, Window Film Depot can rapidly deploy installation teams to up to 5000 store locations on time, within budget, and to Window Film Depot’s exacting standards for professional installation. Window Film Depot offers: Affordable effective smash and grab solutions 3M energy film case studies and nationwide installation solutions Protection … Read more

When considering window film for your home, it’s critical to have these questions answered before committing to any window film product or installation company. For starters, there are a number of quality window film products on the market. Be confident that you would be happy with a number of film products installed correctly by a … Read more

Auburn shooting leaves school on lock down “We felt like it was best to just lock the school down and not let any kids outside or anyone inside just until we got the situation under control,” said Police Chief Tommy Dawson. Read the full article Auburn shooting leaves school on lockdown – WTVM.com-Columbus, GA News … Read more

Security Window Films: An Important Part of a Layered Defense Plan Security window film retro-fits should be considered as part of any safety plan where ‘forced entry’ mitigation is identified as a priority. Installed properly on existing glass, security window film impedes entry into a building, home or storefront through windows and doors providing for enhanced … Read more